Cookies Policy

1. Aim

The Decision Making Lab (DM.Lab), in line with its principles and values ​​linked to the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and the commitment to excellence with clients, establishes the present policy with the objective of providing clarification to the users of its website ( regarding the use of cookies to collect user information while browsing.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing information about the user's navigation through the website. They are stored in your computer’s browser or on your mobile device. The information collected during navigation allows for the realization of certain functionalities within the website itself, such as personalization of page display, remembering user preferences, statistics for improvement, error correction, etc.

3. Cookies on the DM.Lab website and types of captured information

The DM.Lab website uses only analytical cookies, which record browsing history through the pages of the website, source information regarding access between the pages of the website, and help identify areas of the website that need maintenance:

  • 1P_JAR: is a Google cookie that sets the unique ID to remember user preferences and other information, such as website statistics and conversion rates. Google policies can be viewed at
  • cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessary: is a consent cookie, part of the plugin that displays the cookie warning bar.
  • wp-settings-time-1 | wp-settings-1: are used by WordPress to customize the visualization of the administration interface and also for the main interface of the website.

It is important to note that these cookies do not capture information capable of personally identifying the user. Therefore, they do not capture personal data and are only used for statistical purposes.

4. Purpose

The cookies used by the DM.Lab website are mainly intended to provide technical information to the person responsible for maintaining the website regarding its performance. For example, whether all animations and functionalities are being executed correctly, whether the website presented any error, or whether there is a need for any technical repairs to ensure the display and functionality of the cookie notice itself.

Another objective is to capture information for the preparation of statistical reports in order to understand the volume of access to the site, most visited pages, traffic (where users come from the site - social networks, Google searches, etc.), pages / content of most interest, etc. The reports generated by Google are used by DM.Lab exclusively for internal analysis for managerial, administrative, and strategic purposes.

5. Sharing of personal data

DM.Lab does not collect and therefore does not share personal data through its website with third parties. Likewise, DM.Lab does not use, provide, or sell any type of advertising space on its website, which is why there are no third-party cookies on its website, there is no transfer of the information captured by cookies to third parties unrelated to DM.Lab.

6. Storage

Google Analytics cookies have a storage time according to their functionality. The information collected by the cookies on the DM.Lab website is stored for thirty (30) days when referring to user preferences and general experience indicators on the website. In turn, the cookies that personalize the administration interface and the main interface of the website for the public, as well as those related to its display and functionality, are stored for a period of one year.

7. Managing cookies

You can configure the cookie preferences of the DM.Lab website directly in your browser. More information is available at the links below or through your browser's developer website:

DM.Lab points out that it is possible to fully use its website, with all the features and resources, without using cookies. You simply need to manage cookies following the procedures of the developer of your browser.

8. Final provisions

This policy takes effect on the date of its approval by the DM.Lab board.